Berkshire Fire District

The Fire District is having their organizational meeting at 5:00 pm on 1/11 and a special meeting following.

Berkshire Volunteer Fire Company and Emergency Squad:

  • The fire Company was formed in 1913.
  • The organizers were Calvin Buffington, Irving Cleveland, Robert Patch, John Bemton and Frank Lant. The first fire station was built in 1918, and the present station was built in 1963, the kitchen and meeting hall being added in 1971.
  • The Fire Company presently has about 30 active members, and Fred Davis is the Chief. Del Armstrong is the First Assistant Chief.
  • The Ladies Auxiliary was organized in 1959. The Emergency Squad was organized in the early 1960's.
  • Marybeth Simmons is the present Squad Captain with about 20 members.
  • The Berkshire Fire Police, Captain Roger Howland, respond not only to fires but to traffic accidents, downed wires and trees, and floods. The police also assist at parades and respond with mutual aid to other Towns.

Fire Station Project Documents